Black People Invented Everything: The Deep History of Indigenous Creativity

Black People Invented Everything: The Deep History of Indigenous Creativity

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Who invented the traffic light? What about transportation itself? Farming? Art? Modern chemistry? Who made cats? What if I told you there was ONE answer to all of these questions? That one answer? BLACK PEOPLE! Seriously. And this book is like a mini-encyclopedia, full of more evidence than WikiLeaks and just as eye-opening! Do you know just how much Black inventors and creators have given to modern society? Within the past 200 years, Black Americans have drawn on a timeless well of inner genius to innovate and engineer the design of the world we live in today. But what of all the Black history before then? Before white people invented the Patent Office, Black folks were the original creators and builders, developing ingenious ways to manage the world s changes over millions of years, everywhere you can imagine, from Azerbaijan to Zagazig! With wit and wisdom (and tons of pictures!) this book digs deeper than the whitewashed history we learn in school books and explores how our African ancestors established the foundation of modern society! Have you inherited this genius? What can you do with it? Inspired by solutions from the past, we can develop strategies for a successful future!

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  • Publisher : Supreme Design Publishing; 1st edition (February 1, 2020)
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Despite a lifetime of accolades, Supreme Understanding aka Dr. Sujan Dass could have easily become another statistic. As a troubled youth growing up in the turbulent streets of Jersey City, New Jersey, it wasn’t long before he was pulled into a desperate life where most teens don’t expect to live past 25. [Cue dark and foreboding music] At 15, in the same streets that promised to take his life and mind, he encountered a revolutionary teaching based around the principles of knowledge of self and traditions that had survived for thousands of years. [Cue enlightenment music]

Sujan, who then went by “Syko,” took on the name Supreme Understanding, an initiation into a calling that would transform his life forever. Over the next twenty years, Supreme studied the world, its people, and its problems, making it his mission to one day save others from needless pain and suffering. As we know, hurt people hurt people. And healed people heal people.