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Black History Resources LLC was created to provide educators, teachers, schools & libraries with resources to properly educate students and adults on Black History, African American History and African History as it pertains to all facets and periods of our shared history. Black History shouldn't just be taught in February. It should be woven into the history curriculum at all grade levels throughout the school year so that it accurately reflects the reality of Black men and women's contributions to not just American History, but also the collective history of humanity.

The resources we publish, distribute and curate are intended to fill gaps and expand American history & world history curriculum to be more inclusive of historic African American people, achievements, events and places, especially those often overlooked by textbooks and current curriculum.

Our Leadership Team

Terohn Hyatt
Creative Director & Product Development Lead
Darryl Pratt, MBA, Director of CommunicationsDarryl Pratt, MBA
Director of Communications
As Director of Communications, Darryl is responsible for developing corporate communication strategies targeted to national education related audiences, and also leads the company’s influencer and stakeholder success efforts.
John Gille, Director of OperationsJohn Gille
Director of Operations
As Director of Operations, John manages projects, systems and processes pertaining to internal operations, such as procurement, inventory management, order fulfillment and strategic planning. Additionally, John performs duties related to website development, digital marketing and financial analysis.


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